Cremation Services

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Cremation Services

The loss of a loved one is an emotional journey. We attend to every detail of the cremation process with the utmost empathy and care required for a dignified farewell. We offer traditional cremation services and various burial and memorialization options to honour your loved one’s life meaningfully. 

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We're committed to:

Compassionate Guidance: Our experienced team understands the importance of traditions in the grieving process. We’re here to guide you through every detail with compassionate support.

Comfort: We prioritize creating a comfortable space for burials and inurnments so family and friends can share memories, offer condolences, and find solace in each other’s company.

Professional Care: You can entrust that we treat your loved ones with the utmost respect and care throughout the cremation process. We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and transparency.

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Cremation Process

Cremation is a respectful and time-honoured method of handling the earthly remains of our loved ones. At Catholic Cemeteries of Ottawa-Cornwall, we’re dedicated to a precise process:

  1. Identification: Before the cremation process begins, we ensure proper identification of the deceased with comprehensive documentation.
  2. Placement in the Cremation Chamber: We respectfully place the casket or container in the cremation chamber, which is heated to a high temperature.
  3. Cremation: We will monitor the cremation closely. The heat reduces the body to bone fragments. This process typically takes a few hours. 
  4. Ashes and Remains: The bone fragments are carefully processed to become ashes following the cremation. These ashes are placed in a temporary or permanent urn selected by the family.
  5. Returning the Ashes: At your request, we can either retain the ashes for you to pick up. Depending on personal and religious beliefs and preferences, some families choose the interment of the ashes in our cemeteries. Others may scatter them in a meaningful location or keep them in a cherished place at home.


Throughout this process, we’re here to answer any questions—we understand that you want the best for your loved one.

Choosing Cremation

Selecting cremation for yourself or a loved one is a significant decision. At Catholic Cemeteries of Ottawa-Cornwall, we’re here to walk beside you every step of the journey. Here are some things to consider regarding this choice:


  • Personal and Cultural Beliefs: Consider the religious and cultural beliefs of your loved one and family. Some faiths have specific guidelines regarding cremation, while others may have traditional funeral customs to follow.
  • Final Disposition Options: Consider where you’d like to place the ashes. This decision can be influenced by your loved one’s preferences or the significance of a particular location.
  • Memorialization: Consider what type of memorial (bronze plaque, granite monument) you would want to commemorate your loved one. 


If you’d like support when choosing a cremation service, we’re here to provide valuable insights and help you make informed decisions.

Cultural and Religious Considerations

Different faiths and traditions have unique views on cremation. Cremations have been permitted by the Catholic Church since 1963. Catholic Cemeteries of Ottawa-Cornwall accepts all religions and beliefs, and we will help you find suitable arrangements to honour your loved ones with the dignity they deserve.


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