St. Patrick's Cemetery

St. Patrick's Cemetery

Funeral Services At St. Patrick's Cemetery

We can help you with your funeral arrangements and serve people of all
faiths. Here are some of the services we offer:

Burial Services

At St. Patrick's Cemetery, we are here to assist you and conduct the last rites of your loved ones in the most respectful and meaningful manner. We work closely with you to organize the burial arrangements according to your wishes.


Our professionals help you with various commemorative services like funerals, informal gatherings, memorial services, and catered receptions. We provide you with the right place where you can remember and honour the loved one you have lost.

Exterior Plot

St. Patrick's Cemetery has an open garden for burials. If you plan to cremate your loved one, we also have a mausoleum.

Urn Selection

We offer a wide range of urns that you can select from. We can help you to select the suitable one which fits your loved one’s memory and style. You can keep the urn at your family house or any other special place that you want.