Mausoleums in Ottawa

Our mausoleums in Ottawa offer sacred resting places, preserving the cherished legacies of your loved ones.

Our Mausoleums

Mausoleums stand as timeless tributes to your loved ones. Each one within our five Ottawa-based cemeteries encapsulates the essence of reverence, providing spaces where families can find solace and honour the legacies of those they cherish.

Hope Cemetery Mausoleum

The Mausoleum of the Holy Family has modern architecture that recalls the vision of the cemetery and its desire to meet the current needs of the community. The Mausoleum of the Holy Family was built in the late 1980s and offers single and double niches. These niches come in marble surfaces, honouring the memorial using bronze letter inscriptions. The Sacred Heart Mausoleum opened in 2016 and offers a climate-controlled environment. The Mausoleum offers single and multiple (up to four) urn niches, all of which are available with a glass front.

Garden of the Resurrection Columbaria

This garden has five granite columbariums and is decorated with a bronze statue of the Angel announcing the Resurrection of Christ. The complex offers 328 niches that can each accommodate up to two urns each. To honour the memory of the deceased, a bronze plaque may be installed on the surface of each niche.

Notre Dame Cemetery Mausoleum

Notre Dame has one interior heated Columbarium and multiple exterior Columbaria. The interior Columbarium has been built within a heritage cemetery building and offers glass-front niches.

St. Alphonse Cemetery Mausoleum

St. Alphonse has exterior columbaria only. Two columbariums offer 80 niches, and two offer 100 niches, bringing the total number of niches to 360 units. The Memorial is honoured with an inscription on the front of the niche.

St. Patrick’s Cemetery Mausoleum

There are two external columbariums at St. Patrick’s Cemetery. The older of the two was installed before 2012 in a small courtyard between the church and the Parish office. It has 32 two to three-urn niches. The newer columbarium was installed in 2020. It has 48 two-urn niches and is placed at the west entrance to the cemetery. For both columbariums, the memorial is honoured with an inscription on the front of the niche.

Respect for All Cultural and Religious Traditions

At Catholic Cemeteries of Ottawa-Cornwall, we deeply respect and accommodate the diverse cultural and religious traditions of the communities we serve. Our mausoleums are designed to honour various practices and religious beliefs, ensuring families can find solace and observance according to their faith and heritage.

About Catholic Cemeteries of Ottawa-Cornwall

With a rich history dating back many years, Catholic Cemeteries of Ottawa-Cornwall has been entrusted with the sacred responsibility of honouring and preserving the memories of cherished individuals within the Ottawa community. We’re committed to upholding the values of empathy, reverence, and respect as we help you navigate the emotional complexities surrounding loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

A mausoleum is a structure designed for the respectful and secure resting place of loved ones. Typically, it encompasses above-ground chambers, known as crypts or niches, where caskets or urns are placed. These structures vary in size and architectural design, often featuring intricate detailing in serene surroundings. Mausoleums offer families a peaceful, dignified space for visiting and honouring those they cherish.
To maintain the sanctity of the mausoleum grounds and respect the space for all visitors, we kindly request that guests adhere to specific guidelines. These include maintaining a quiet, reverent atmosphere, refraining from any disruptive behaviour, and following designated visiting hours. Additionally, we encourage visitors to adhere to any posted regulations to ensure the preservation of the mausoleum’s peaceful ambiance.
Our mausoleums are meticulously cared for to ensure a dignified resting place for your loved ones. Maintenance includes regular cleaning, landscaping, and structural upkeep. Additionally, the climate-controlled environment of the mausoleum helps preserve the integrity of the structure and safeguards the items placed within, like crypts, niches, and memorial tributes. Our dedicated staff works diligently to ensure the preservation and aesthetic beauty of the mausoleum grounds.

For those interested in delving into the rich history and architectural significance of our mausoleums, we offer various resources. Visitors can access informative materials on-site, including brochures and plaques that provide historical context and architectural details. Additionally, our staff can provide information for a deeper understanding of the design, significance, and stories behind these remarkable structures.

Mausoleums offer an above-ground resting place, providing families with an enclosed, peaceful environment for visitation and reflection. Unlike traditional in-ground burials, mausoleums can preserve legacies in a unique, thoughtfully designed architectural space that creates a timeless setting for remembrance. 

Additionally, compared to traditional burials, mausoleums offer a climate-controlled environment that aids in the preservation of items like urns, caskets, and personal mementos. This preservation ensures that tributes and cherished belongings remain intact over time, allowing future generations to connect with and honour their family’s heritage.

In many cases, yes. Our mausoleum crypts and niches can often accommodate multiple interments, enabling families to be together within the same resting place. Our staff can provide you with detailed information about the options available.
To arrange interment within our mausoleums, reach out to our dedicated staff. We will guide you through the options available, discuss pricing, and provide the necessary assistance in making arrangements according to your or your loved one’s preferences and needs. Our team offers a compassionate approach, supporting you throughout this emotional process.