Understanding Catholic Burial Traditions: A Guide for Families

A wooden cross with a wreath over it in a cemetery at dawn.

In the solemn observance of a loved one’s passing, the Catholic Church provides a structured and spiritual pathway to honour the deceased. Understanding the significance of choosing a Catholic cemetery underscores the importance of a final resting place that aligns with the deceased’s values and beliefs, offering a sacred space for remembrance and visitation. This […]

Catholic Cemetery Etiquette: Respecting the Sacred Space

A stone cross headstone in a cemetery with a carving of a woman holding it.

Visiting a cemetery is an experience that requires sensitivity and respect for both the place and the people around you. Whether you are attending a funeral, visiting a loved one’s gravesite, or simply exploring historical markers, understanding and adhering to the etiquette of these sacred spaces is crucial.  In this blog, we’ll explain general guidelines […]